… your imagination taking control over you. In technical terms, that might be called „rumination“ or „brooding“.

We all know those looong moments of thinking back and forth and feeling unable to get rid of those bad emotions your thoughts may be accompanied by.

Today, I will show some ideas that might help:

  1. Choose a certain time of the day (f.i. 17 – 18) when it‘s „rumination time“. When your thoughts start running, you can refer to this time. Your brain will understand: your thoughts won’t be forgotten. It can relax.
  2. Write it down. As simple as it is: it will have a huge impact. You can write without having a goal.
  3. Distract yourself with an activity (sports, friends, taking a walk, cooking something difficult, singing, dancing….). Prefer activities involving your body….
  4. Solve your problems! (I will write about it another time…)
  5. If nothing helps, you can try professional help – especially, if it happens very often.

Now these are some helpful tips enabling you to get back control over your imagination. You are not your thoughts. You are more than your thoughts.